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Jamie Hewlett

Bear Hood

Bear Hood

Bear Hood is a Warrior who confronts us with a closely cropped frame and direct expression. Almost photographic in quality, her fluorescent face markings mark her out as from another place. If she reminds you of someone, that’s because she reminded Hewlett of someone. Whilst flicking through a magazine he was struck by a real-life girl who closely resembled Noodle, one of four creations the artist made for Gorillaz. Her hoody features the repeat pattern of Pazuzu, a demon that Hewlett first clocked in the film the Exorcist. Here is an uncanny mix of youth and honesty, strength and maturity.



Archival Inkjet with Twinkle, Fluro Pink and Silver Screenprint Overlays on Somerset Satin Enhanced 330gsm Paper. Hand Signed by Jamie Hewlett.


56 x 69.5cm






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