British artist Jamie Hewlett is a prolific creative and polymath who defies easy categorisation and occupies a unique position in the cultural landscape. He first rose to prominence in the late 1980s with the anarchic first-of-its-kind comic strip Tank Girl, and is perhaps best known for co-creating the BRIT and Grammy-winning virtual band Gorillaz, an ever-evolving truly global phenomenon which has achieved international success in entirely new and unique ways. Hewlett’s career has seen him move effortlessly between the worlds of design, art and music, working at an unrelenting pace while constantly reinventing his artistic language, often capturing the zeitgeist with his pioneering, energetic work. This work has seen Hewlett reference and celebrate a variety of sources and inspiration, from hip hop to opera and zombie slasher movies to westerns, blending a multitude of global cultural influences in work which always adopts a punk-like sensibility. Hewlett was awarded the Jim Henson Creativity Honour in 2005 and Designer of the Year by London’s Design Museum in 2006.

  • Exhibition History


    Jamie Hewlett, Gorillaz, Designer of the Year, Design Museum


    ‘’Jamie Hewlett: The Suggestionists" at Saatchi Gallery, London


    "The Suggestionists" at Woodward Gallery, New York (2016)

  • Recognition


    The Jim Henson Creativity Honor


    Designer of the Year Award

  • Works

    1987 - 1988, Atom Tan

    1988 - 1995, Tank Girl

    1990 - 1999, Hewligan’s Haircut

    1980 - 1990, Doom Patrol, Issues #49-#63

    1987, Doom Patrol, Issue #52

    1987, Doom Patrol, Vol 5.

    1991, Doom Patrol #50, Vol 4.

    1992, Doom Patrol, Issue #60

    1992, Cud ‘Acquarious’ album art

    1991, Senseless Things ‘Got It At Delmar’ album art

    1995, Pulp ‘Common People’ comic book

    1996 - 1997, ‘Get the Freebies’

    2022, Phoo Action ‘Silver Jubilee’

    1999 onwards, Gorillaz co-creator

    2015, The Suggestionists Exhibition,

    Tarot: Le Pape, L’Amoureux, Le Chariot, La Justice, L’Hermite, Le Roue de Fo, La Force, L’Arcana Sans, Temperance, Le Diable, La Maison Die, L’Etoile, La Lune, Le Soleil, Le Judgement, Le Monde, Saatchi Gallery, London

    Pines: Pines 1, Pines 2, Pines 3, Pines 4, Pines 5, Pines 6. Pines 7, Pines 8, Pines 9, Pines 10, Pines 12, Pines 13, Pines 14, Pines 15, Pines 16, Pines 18, Pines 18, Pines 19, Pines 20, Saatchi Gallery, London

    Honey: Double Honey, Honey Galore, A Taste of Honey, Honey La Dou, Honey Pie, A Taste of Honey, Hot Honey, Honey X, Saatchi Gallery, London

    2023, Collection No.1: Warriors: Bear Hood, Filament Rouge, The Golden Hoop, Frontline Defendant, Kali, Tank Girl, Inter Stella, London

  • Collaborations

    2009, Under Water Colour for Oxfam

    2013, White guitar t-shirt collection for Teenage Cancer

    2017, Comic Relief Comic for Comic Relief 

    2019, Rebel For Life, on House of Parliament for Extinction Rebellion 

    2023,  White guitar second t-shirt collection for Teenage Cancer
    2024, Secret 7 for War Child