Frequently Asked Questions

Jamie’s editions are printed and delivered by Jealous Gallery in London.
Contact us over email to deal with any enquiries at

Will there be more editions available?

The next collection will be Summer 2024. There will also be an open collection next year at a lower price point.

Refund policy

What’s your returns policy?

  • If you are not satisfied with the goods or have changed your mind you have the right to cancel within 5 days of the receipt of the goods by sending an e-mail to, telling us that you are returning the goods and why.

  • Once your order has been returned, we will contact you to provide a refund (minus original shipping fee) or an exchange.

  • We ask that you please keep hold of original order and packaging, and don’t arrange a return, until we are in contact with you.

  • In some cases, the print you purchased may no longer be available as once an edition is sold out it cannot be reproduced. If this is the case, you will be refunded.


What if my package is damaged?

In the unfortunate event that your order arrives damaged or faulty, we ask that you keep any items and packaging and contact us immediately at We can then organise a replacement, refund, or exchange. If this is the case we ask that you contact us within 5 days of delivery date - after this time length we will not be able to take liability for damage.

What if my package gets lost?

  • In the unlikely event that your order goes missing in the post, we will contact you and the relevant shipment company to try to resolve the issue.

  • We are not responsible for orders going missing once they are with shipment companies but will of course provide refunds, replacements, or exchanges to customers where necessary.

  • If we notice that there are issues with your shipment address we will contact you prior to dispatch, however we cannot always spot mistakes and cannot be responsible for errors in contact details provided by customers, and subsequent lost orders therefore.

  • If you need to make any changes to your details after you have made a purchase, please contact us at

How do I look after my prints?

  • Please take special care when removing the artwork from its packaging as it may damage easily. Use a sharp blade or scissors to score a shallow opening into the tape on the outside of the package. 

  • Try not to bend the cardboard which holds the artwork inside, and when removing the artwork from the packaging, take care to remove the acid-free tape used to keep both the tissue and corners in place. 

  • Please be sure to remove the corners before trying to take the print out of the tissue, and try not to drag anything across the image as this may cause damage.

  • We would advise to store the artwork in a dust free environment and not to place anything apart from acid-free tissue paper over it.

  • Jealous offer our very own framing service, so please get in touch for quotes, framing options, turnaround times.


Shipping policy

What are the shipping costs?

For unframed prints:

Country Flatpack
UK £25
EU & US £50
China £80
Australia & NZ £90
Hong Kong £90
Singapore £120
Rest of World £60

Delivery costs for framed orders would be dependent on the country of the shipping address. Contact for a framed delivery quote.

For any other enquiries please consult our FAQs page

Contact information

Artwork and Framing Enquiries

For artwork order enquiries and framing please contact


Jamie Hewlett

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